Piano lovers - join the celebration of my debut solo album release!

To celebrate this special occasion I invite you to take part in my online Album Experience - FREE OF CHARGE!

SONGS OF A SAD SAILOR is an instrumental concept album, based off of a true life story of a really remarkable man. If you claim your invitation, you will get an email each day over the course of 8 days with links to hidden web pages where you can:

  • Get inspired by the exciting true life story of the Sad Sailor

  • Listen to the music - 11 full tracks and 2 interludes of piano solos and piano based cinematic instrumentals

  • Behind-the-scenes - get to know why I connected so deeply emotionally with this story and how the album was made


Neoclassical Peaceful Piano, in the style of Einaudi, Òlafur Arnalds, Joep Beving and Nils Frahm.


I'm so glad you’ve come here to visit my little home on the internet! I'm a pianist, arranger and composer from Stockholm, Sweden.

Music is about communication, and the wonderful thing about it is that it speaks about all the things we cannot express with words. In its best forms it connects human hearts and minds, makes us feel less alone, and gives us hope and lust for life. That’s why I make music.

- Maria Grönlund

The world of piano solo palatable for cross-over appeal seems to pull from a select group of instrumentalists - Òlafur Arnalds, Jon Hopkins, Max Richter, Ryuchi Sakamoto, etc...
I hope to see Grönlund’s name mentioned among that small pool of popular composers.
— Tome to the Weather Machine
Delicately textured piano wash over your relaxing mind when listening to Maria Grönlund’s ‘June and Me’ movement. Something to lighten the heavy load of a Berlin winter.
— Schmutz music blog
... This is a very hypnotic piece that I find myself leaving on repeat as Grönlund’s notes find themselves whirling in and out, creating quite the atmosphere. It’s all ethereal feeling, and at times leaves you feeling as if you’re floating above this gorgeous arrangement.
— Rural Sounds music blog