behind the scenes


If you want to be a little fly on the wall and peek into 7 minutes of the very first rehearsal Trio Fenix and I had of ‘Under Fire’ - here’s a clip for you. Before we got started a big cage with budgie parents and budgie kids had to be moved to the outside, so the recording wasn’t to be over-powered by bird chatter : ) Swedish-speakers may notice that I at that time had misunderstood who actually shot at Runar’s boat. Also at this point in time I thought it would be cool with glissandi in the viola and cello in the outro, but I took that out later, because that simply sounded better.

The names of these marvellous musicians are Anna Kroeker - violin, Karin Ebbersten - viola and Isabel Blommé - cello. They reside in Uppsala and play a lot of Bach and Vivaldi often accompanying choirs in Requiems and Oratorios.

After recording the instruments I spend hour after hour editing and fine tweaking thousands of details. Should these four notes in the viola be 0.5dB louder, or only 0.3? Should this note come 10ms later or only 5? Should the 400Hz range be EQ:d differently than the 1kHz? The process I’m working on here is called automation and has to do with the volume of the sounds.

Really harsh times for our Sailor in today’s episode… Come back tomorrow to hear what happened next!